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What are the best remedies to get more Twitter Favorites and Followers Instantly?

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People are addicted to social media usage. It has become a global phenomenon and people are trapped in a closed loop of posting pictures and craving the attention and feedback they bring. Almost everyone is caught up with this new trend. One of the major dilemmas of using Twitter is the number of Favorites one gets on a post. Following are the remedies for more Twitter Favorites:

Timing of the post

People use Twitter frequently but even more so at some particular hours of the day. Statistics have found that between 8 to 11 p.m. most people are actively using social media sites. People are occupied during day time at work places and schools, hence this time of night most people find the leisure time to use Twitter. To get more Favorites, if one posts a photo during these hours of the night, then the probability of Favorites is high as more people are online. The post appears on their newsfeed and it is less likely that they would miss it, increasing the chances of Twitter Favorites.

Relatable post

If the post is relating a topic that would pique the interest of many, then the chances to get more Favorites are high. For the post to be relatable to people it would have to be socially acceptable, generalisable, trending and popular.

Posts that are unique or too strange or lack an element of human values and nature tend to be ignored by people and such posts don’t get much Favorites.

Length and type of the content

Long statuses or videos often cause people to lose interest. To get more twitter followers instant, it should be kept short and to the point. People are more likely to like such posts.

Use of photos and short videos spikes people’s interest and keeps it colorful and creative. The presentation of posts plays a role and hence the better the presentation of the post the greater the probability of getting Favorites.

If the posts are controversial such as political posts, then they compel people to choose a stance. And if one’s opinion is not the popular one then the post is unlikely to get many Favorites and therefore controversial posts should be avoided.

Familiarity with fellow users

On Twitter people should like one another’s post frequently so that if one Favorites the other’s post, they feel familiarized with each other. If people feel like they do not know the next person that well, they feel discouraged to like the photo. Amicable relations play an important role in getting Favorites. If people know the next person, they are comfortable with liking and commenting on the next person’s posts.


The use of standard language is always preferable over controversial use of slang or curse words. People are less likely to like a post if it speaks negatively about a matter.

The language used should be the one understood by the Twitter friends. For instance posts in English are understood by most people and hence they can like it. But if the post is in a regional language then it is less likely to be understood and liked by people.