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Is Facebook complete without Instagram?

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ll the social media sites are interconnected with each other. There are many benefits of using different social media sites interlinked with each other. Although the Facebook has its own features which are helpful in entertaining users as well as in growing their business, but the interconnection of facebook with the Instagram play important role in development of the business. The people can connect through the different social media sites by following the way which shows the importance of the interconnection with different sites. The Facebook and Instagram interconnection provide following benefits to the user

Increase in number of followers

If the person posts on the Facebook he can repost the content on the Instagram, by sharing the content on different social media sites helps in the gain in the audience and the followers.  He can increase the number of the audience by using certain strategies and planning, in this way the person has improved number of the audience in both the social sites. So the Facebook users can get more web audience by connecting with the Instagram. This is useful for those having the account on Facebook as well as Instagram.

Progress in the business

Those who want to grow their business online or want to promote their products can take help of both social media by interconnecting with both sites. The page present on the Facebook can be shared on the Instagram; the person can post the photos or videos on the Instagram and can share it on Facebook as well. The use of the hashtags can help in making the post prominent so that more followers can see the post and get attract to help in growing the business.

The interconnection of the Facebook and Instagram has shown that if any of these no more remain connected may create some problem as the user may lose some of their followers. Both sites need each other because their followers need the connection between two sites that is very important for both the sites.

Both these sites are integrated, the companies can avail the unified inbox of the Facebook, Instagram, and messenger. This is beneficial as the user can see the messages from any site in one inbox and can save time. this facility will be available soon and this show that both Facebook and the Instagram are interconnected and both social media seem incomplete without each other because of the strong connection between two as well as the benefits that the users are getting by using two sites simultaneously for various purpose especially to grow the business.

All these features show that both the buy Instagram Followers Cheap and the Facebook have a strong connection with each other, there are certain features which facilitate the users and they can get benefits from both social media sites. Those who want to grow their business must use a single id to interconnect with the different social media sites to get a high number of audience for the promotion of their products and make their brand famous.


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What are the best remedies to get more Twitter Favorites and Followers Instantly?

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People are addicted to social media usage. It has become a global phenomenon and people are trapped in a closed loop of posting pictures and craving the attention and feedback they bring. Almost everyone is caught up with this new trend. One of the major dilemmas of using Twitter is the number of Favorites one gets on a post. Following are the remedies for more Twitter Favorites:

Timing of the post

People use Twitter frequently but even more so at some particular hours of the day. Statistics have found that between 8 to 11 p.m. most people are actively using social media sites. People are occupied during day time at work places and schools, hence this time of night most people find the leisure time to use Twitter. To get more Favorites, if one posts a photo during these hours of the night, then the probability of Favorites is high as more people are online. The post appears on their newsfeed and it is less likely that they would miss it, increasing the chances of Twitter Favorites.

Relatable post

If the post is relating a topic that would pique the interest of many, then the chances to get more Favorites are high. For the post to be relatable to people it would have to be socially acceptable, generalisable, trending and popular.

Posts that are unique or too strange or lack an element of human values and nature tend to be ignored by people and such posts don’t get much Favorites.

Length and type of the content

Long statuses or videos often cause people to lose interest. To get more twitter followers instant, it should be kept short and to the point. People are more likely to like such posts.

Use of photos and short videos spikes people’s interest and keeps it colorful and creative. The presentation of posts plays a role and hence the better the presentation of the post the greater the probability of getting Favorites.

If the posts are controversial such as political posts, then they compel people to choose a stance. And if one’s opinion is not the popular one then the post is unlikely to get many Favorites and therefore controversial posts should be avoided.

Familiarity with fellow users

On Twitter people should like one another’s post frequently so that if one Favorites the other’s post, they feel familiarized with each other. If people feel like they do not know the next person that well, they feel discouraged to like the photo. Amicable relations play an important role in getting Favorites. If people know the next person, they are comfortable with liking and commenting on the next person’s posts.


The use of standard language is always preferable over controversial use of slang or curse words. People are less likely to like a post if it speaks negatively about a matter.

The language used should be the one understood by the Twitter friends. For instance posts in English are understood by most people and hence they can like it. But if the post is in a regional language then it is less likely to be understood and liked by people.

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Discovering the Kingdom of Morocco and its remarkable cities

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Located someplace on the north apex of Africa, the Kingdom of Morocco is a nation blessed with outstanding structural designs and gifted with diverse sceneries.

Traveling by air from U.A.E. to the Kingdom of Morocco requires sixteen hours, and the first city that travelers will first reach is the city of Casablanca which is considered the largest metropolis in Morocco. Casablanca is a port city and it is normal to see sea gulls soaring freely and resting on the ledge at some hotels located not far from the ocean.

Compared to the city of Dhaka in Bangladesh, the weather in the city of Casablanca is cooler, satisfying, refreshing. The city experiences rainfall occasionally. The tourists who will visit the country must practice and learn about basic languages as communication will be challenging because the majority of the locals in the Kingdom only know how to speak and understand Arabic and French, but then again, there are also people in more advanced areas who can speak and understand English.

According to the Executive President and Founder of Sahara Spirit Foundation in Morocco, the city of Casablanca is Morocco’s most industrialized region and considered as the economic city of the country.

The city of Casablanca is well known for its coffee shops and many people appreciate the Mediterranean food offered in the city’s restaurants.  In the coffee shops, many people meet and to take a break from the busy streets, and relax. Smoked snails are being sold on street sides and other foods and the staple delicacy in Casablanca.

The Kingdom of Morocco also promotes the city of Marrakech as one of its tourist destination. It is a desert where the people ca find the Majorelle Garden. The Marjorelle garden features more or less three hundred types of floras and a corridor exhibiting marvelous art. One of the most notable characteristics of the city is that the structures are all coated in upbeat cobalt blue paint.

In the city, there is Jamaa el Fna, which is chosen by UNESCO as a world heritage, which showcases the old-style Moroccan market. Generally, the market square becomes busy during night time. During day time, the lifestyle of the locals is seen in the streets.  A queue of carts drawn by horses is seen along the roads and waiting for passengers. The visit is not complete if the visitors do not take a ride on the carriage while roaming inside the city. There are little old-fashioned stands vending juice and other refreshments. Snake charmers are also visible playing music that catches the attention of many spectators.

Another must-see and must-visit place in the area is the Saadian Tombs. This historical place was once closed and overlooked until the year 1917. The place is rich in magnificent fundamental outlines, with long-standing mosaics and inscription. Walking around the whole area will not exceed one hour. Small tombs surround the biggest graves which are arranged in an ordinary set. The area also has plenty of different ornamental plants and fruit bearing trees.

The most famous structure in Casablanca is the Hasan II Grand Mosque. Parts of the mosque stands above the Atlantic Ocean.

In the city, the Mall of Africa is found. It is considered as one of the most prominent malls of Africa. The travel from the busy city center to the mall is filled with the backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean. The mall offers renowned French fashion products. Last but not the least, the Casablanca Café is also the face of the city because of its eminence which was built in paying homage to the timeless movie Casablanca. The café was put up during the tenure of a former US Diplomat to the Kingdom.

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Problems faced by MENA region

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MENA Region

MENA refers to the Middle East and North Africa region. It extends from morocco to Iran. It includes all Arab states. The population of this region consists of almost 382 million people. This is about 6% of total world population. It is controversial to describe MENA as the Arab world. It consists of different territories including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Palestine, Oman, Morocco, Libya and other countries. Each country faces multiple problems to grow its economy and other fields. Countries in MENA region face various such problems such as unemployment, water problems, and economy problems. These problems are considered as challenges to grow the economy and improve the living standard of people in this region. Some of the problems are as follows:


It is a problem faced by different countries in this region. The unemployment rate in different countries in the Middle East and North Africa is very high. It includes various countries such as Jordan, Iran, Libya, Yemen, Tunisia, and Egypt. The unemployment rate is high among young people of MENA region. The unemployment rate among males is 22%. On the other hand, it is 38% among young females. It varies in different countries around this average unemployment rate. In Tunisia, the unemployment rate is about 40%. This is, even more, higher in the inland governorates. The unemployment rate in is about 50% unofficially. However official estimate is almost 25%. There is a greater gender gap for unemployment. Females are more unemployed as compared to males in the Middle East and North Africa region. This gap for unemployment is greater in Iran, Yemen, and Jordan.

It is a fact that unemployment rate among educated people is higher as compared to the uneducated. This is because of the reason that educated people wait for jobs in public sector. The public sector does not offer a job for students’ right after their education completion easily. It requires a lot of time period for people to be designated on the public sector job.

Water problems in MENA

There is a greater scarcity of water in the Middle East and North Africa region. It accesses to the 1.4% renewable fresh water in the world. Other countries receive a considerable amount of water as compared to the Middle East and North Africa region. It uses almost 75% of its freshwater sources.  Due to the increasing population in this region, water availability is decreasing at the increasing rate. It is expected to decrease fresh water renewable sources in this region in the next coming years. A greater percentage of this water is used for irrigation purpose.  Water used for irrigation purposes is not utilized efficiently. Rather, it is overused.

Development problems

MENA region faces several problems during the development of countries. The Middle East and North Africa faced arena of the clash of civilization due to U.S war. It faced structure development problems during this era. It spent a long period of time for the growth of different countries except for turkey.

So, MENA region faces several problems for its development. These problems are faced as challenges during the development by rulers. Not only the issues mentioned above but there are several other things that need appropriate addressing.