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Discovering the Kingdom of Morocco and its remarkable cities


Located someplace on the north apex of Africa, the Kingdom of Morocco is a nation blessed with outstanding structural designs and gifted with diverse sceneries.

Traveling by air from U.A.E. to the Kingdom of Morocco requires sixteen hours, and the first city that travelers will first reach is the city of Casablanca which is considered the largest metropolis in Morocco. Casablanca is a port city and it is normal to see sea gulls soaring freely and resting on the ledge at some hotels located not far from the ocean.

Compared to the city of Dhaka in Bangladesh, the weather in the city of Casablanca is cooler, satisfying, refreshing. The city experiences rainfall occasionally. The tourists who will visit the country must practice and learn about basic languages as communication will be challenging because the majority of the locals in the Kingdom only know how to speak and understand Arabic and French, but then again, there are also people in more advanced areas who can speak and understand English.

According to the Executive President and Founder of Sahara Spirit Foundation in Morocco, the city of Casablanca is Morocco’s most industrialized region and considered as the economic city of the country.

The city of Casablanca is well known for its coffee shops and many people appreciate the Mediterranean food offered in the city’s restaurants.  In the coffee shops, many people meet and to take a break from the busy streets, and relax. Smoked snails are being sold on street sides and other foods and the staple delicacy in Casablanca.

The Kingdom of Morocco also promotes the city of Marrakech as one of its tourist destination. It is a desert where the people ca find the Majorelle Garden. The Marjorelle garden features more or less three hundred types of floras and a corridor exhibiting marvelous art. One of the most notable characteristics of the city is that the structures are all coated in upbeat cobalt blue paint.

In the city, there is Jamaa el Fna, which is chosen by UNESCO as a world heritage, which showcases the old-style Moroccan market. Generally, the market square becomes busy during night time. During day time, the lifestyle of the locals is seen in the streets.  A queue of carts drawn by horses is seen along the roads and waiting for passengers. The visit is not complete if the visitors do not take a ride on the carriage while roaming inside the city. There are little old-fashioned stands vending juice and other refreshments. Snake charmers are also visible playing music that catches the attention of many spectators.

Another must-see and must-visit place in the area is the Saadian Tombs. This historical place was once closed and overlooked until the year 1917. The place is rich in magnificent fundamental outlines, with long-standing mosaics and inscription. Walking around the whole area will not exceed one hour. Small tombs surround the biggest graves which are arranged in an ordinary set. The area also has plenty of different ornamental plants and fruit bearing trees.

The most famous structure in Casablanca is the Hasan II Grand Mosque. Parts of the mosque stands above the Atlantic Ocean.

In the city, the Mall of Africa is found. It is considered as one of the most prominent malls of Africa. The travel from the busy city center to the mall is filled with the backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean. The mall offers renowned French fashion products. Last but not the least, the Casablanca Café is also the face of the city because of its eminence which was built in paying homage to the timeless movie Casablanca. The café was put up during the tenure of a former US Diplomat to the Kingdom.