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How to explore Dakhla in vacations


Dakhla is built on the headland of the Atlantic Ocean alongside the African coast. It has become the most visited place by the tourists. It has become a good destination for the water-sport lovers.

There are many reasons to visit Dakhla, as it is becoming one of the best spots for the tourist to visit, the lagoons, warm temperature, constant wind and friendly people are always welcoming you.

How to reach the Dakhla:

Reach Dakhla through the plane, or traveling on the road. One advantage of traveling by road is that you can see many beautiful sceneries, a chance to feel the wind through the desert, beautiful houses, watching the traditional villages and much more. When you arrive at the place, it is like you discover some secret. Visiting Dakhla is not a problem now. Taxis are also available to facilitate you.

What to do in the Dakhla:

Visit the beaches:

You can start visiting Dakhla from its beautiful beaches. They are on the north and south of it. The beaches of the Dakhla are very quiet, sitting in the sunshine with silence makes you feel relaxed. The people who love water sport, prefer this place to visit. They usually prefer sport like kitesurfing and windsurfing, due to the wind blowing. To feel relaxed and happy, do visit this place and make your trip remember-able.

Sights to visit:

Qila in the Dakhla:

The Qila al dabba is the ancient chamber. The structure of brick is about 10 to 11 meters long. It is oldest, and the only one remained here, that was restored and open for the public to visit it. For reaching this place, take the track meeting the main road.

Deir al-Hagar:

The oldest temple in the Dakhla, which is made of sandstone. A historic place, must visit by the tourists.

The museum:

The museum in Mut, the main town of the Dakhla is a place of interest to the people who love to see their local culture. The museum shows, all things of Islamic times and it feels like you are in the home. They have displayed their items that were used in the Islamic times such as dresses they use to wear, pots, the rugs and also the jewelry.

The Al Qasr:

The historic center Al-Qasr is the main attraction of the Dakhla Oasis. The houses made of mud bricks, the Madrassa, the Mosque with beautiful minaret are all the buildings that have preserved the charm of this place.

Food to eat:

At the seafront and the heart of the city, you will find many restaurants. Try food from every restaurant, to find out which one is the best. The restaurants of Dakhla are well decorated and served you in their traditional way. The lamb meat dish is the most delicious dish they offer.


These are the best places to visit in Dakhla. With the help of travel guides, you can make your trip easier. Dakhla is the best place to spend your vacation.