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Tips for cheap travel around the world

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Some people are fond of travelling. They like and take interest visiting different places. Through which they learn many new things. Travelling different places is not more a problem now because of travel guide. They guide you in your whole journey.

Here are some tips to make your travel cheaper and affordable by

Check the season:

The hardest thing to avoid when planning a long trip is high season travel. Traveling when busy time to your destination can cost you high.

Here are the high seasonality times:

High season is June, July, August and January.

Low seasons are from mid of January to March.

In northern areas, June to August is the time when children schools are off, and employees are off work, so they spend their this time in travelling. Late December to early January is the high season.

Limit number of destinations:

Ticket fares are based on how many miles travelled. It means that the more places you visit, the more you have to pay, and its will cost high if you are going across oceans. Limiting your places to visit can save your money.

Fly indirect:

If money is more important than time, consider a flight with a stop-over. The sky scanner helps you to search for indirect routes option.

Stops in hub cities:

Try only to fly in airlines hub. Usually, the country capital, Compare the prices of local transport bus, train, rental car to the cost of the airplane.

Book before 4, 5 months:

Some airlines give an offer for low price tickets. At that time you can buy, at that time you can have cheap ticket.and in that way you can also save money. Early access helps you to book the cheapest tickets.

Contact to travel guide:

When you decide to travel, firstly search for travel guide which has a low price. Then contact them, ask for full details and prices. Sometimes good travel guide can make your tour enjoyable and affordable.

Choose the different mode of traveling:

If you are traveling within the country, so can choose some other mode than airlines. Trains, buses and cars are the best way to visit the whole country. Local transport rates are lower than the other.

Weigh your luggage:

Many of us don’t weigh luggage at home when at the airport they weigh sometimes it is over, and at that time you have to pay extra charges. So avoid taking things with you that are not necessary for traveling.

Some of the cheapest destination are here as follows:

  • Cambodia
  • Vietnam
  • Bolivia
  • Hungary
  • Honduras
  • Bulgaria
  • Srilanka
  • Argentina
  • Greece
  • Ireland

These are the cheapest destination to visit, and so many travel guides are there for you to help in these areas.

Save money at your destination:

This is the era of technology, you can use smartphones for saving money. There are apps for everything including travel guide and maps. You can download these apps on mobile and search for anything and can save a lot of money.


Mentioned above are the tips for cheap travel around the world.

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How to explore Dakhla in vacations

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Dakhla is built on the headland of the Atlantic Ocean alongside the African coast. It has become the most visited place by the tourists. It has become a good destination for the water-sport lovers.

There are many reasons to visit Dakhla, as it is becoming one of the best spots for the tourist to visit, the lagoons, warm temperature, constant wind and friendly people are always welcoming you.

How to reach the Dakhla:

Reach Dakhla through the plane, or traveling on the road. One advantage of traveling by road is that you can see many beautiful sceneries, a chance to feel the wind through the desert, beautiful houses, watching the traditional villages and much more. When you arrive at the place, it is like you discover some secret. Visiting Dakhla is not a problem now. Taxis are also available to facilitate you.

What to do in the Dakhla:

Visit the beaches:

You can start visiting Dakhla from its beautiful beaches. They are on the north and south of it. The beaches of the Dakhla are very quiet, sitting in the sunshine with silence makes you feel relaxed. The people who love water sport, prefer this place to visit. They usually prefer sport like kitesurfing and windsurfing, due to the wind blowing. To feel relaxed and happy, do visit this place and make your trip remember-able.

Sights to visit:

Qila in the Dakhla:

The Qila al dabba is the ancient chamber. The structure of brick is about 10 to 11 meters long. It is oldest, and the only one remained here, that was restored and open for the public to visit it. For reaching this place, take the track meeting the main road.

Deir al-Hagar:

The oldest temple in the Dakhla, which is made of sandstone. A historic place, must visit by the tourists.

The museum:

The museum in Mut, the main town of the Dakhla is a place of interest to the people who love to see their local culture. The museum shows, all things of Islamic times and it feels like you are in the home. They have displayed their items that were used in the Islamic times such as dresses they use to wear, pots, the rugs and also the jewelry.

The Al Qasr:

The historic center Al-Qasr is the main attraction of the Dakhla Oasis. The houses made of mud bricks, the Madrassa, the Mosque with beautiful minaret are all the buildings that have preserved the charm of this place.

Food to eat:

At the seafront and the heart of the city, you will find many restaurants. Try food from every restaurant, to find out which one is the best. The restaurants of Dakhla are well decorated and served you in their traditional way. The lamb meat dish is the most delicious dish they offer.


These are the best places to visit in Dakhla. With the help of travel guides, you can make your trip easier. Dakhla is the best place to spend your vacation.


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Why does everyone Copy Snapchat story feature on Android?

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Snapchat is a most popular application for youngsters. It allows you to send pictures and videos to the friend’s list of Snapchat. It offers many fun filters for pictures to share with friends.

Snapchat story feature

Story feature of Snapchat allows you to post your photo or video in your story section. This is visible to you and your friends. It is a self-destruct feature which disappears in few seconds after a viewer opens it. The story is a most interesting feature to share your activities and feelings with your friends on Snapchat. It has introduced this feature which is attracting many people to downloading this app. Snapchat allows youngsters to make funny and beautiful pictures with amazing filters. It is also attracting many people toward itself. No one can download the picture or image. If someone takes the snapshot, the admin of account is notified instantly. The normal view time of snapchat story is around 10 seconds.

Copy of Snapchat story feature

Many of the social media networks have copied Snapchat story. Some of the social media applications which have copied feature of the Snapchat story include Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. They have copied this feature from Snapchat to facilitate their users to update their videos and photos.

Instagram cloning of Snapchat story

Instagram announced feature named as “New” which is more like a Snapchat story. It is a replica of Snapchat story feature through which users share their videos and photos to their followers. Videos and photos they post automatically disappear after 24 hours they are posted. It is the amazing feature of Instagram, but it is same as the Snapchat story. Therefore Instagram users buy Instagram likes to share their videos and story among a large audience.

Facebook replica of Snapchat story

Facebook and Messenger have copied feature of story updating from Snapchat. It has launched stories to update photos and videos which disappear after 24 hours of posting.

WhatsApp feature induced by Snapchat story

Not just Facebook, Messenger and Instagram has a Copy feature Snapchat story but also by WhatsApp. It has introduced the feature of updating photos and videos in the form of a status update. Through status update, you can share your picture and videos with your friend’s list on WhatsApp. This status will disappear after 24 hours of posting. It is recently introduced the feature of WhatsApp for their users.

Reasons to Copy Snapchat story feature

In this modern technological advancement era, the mobile phone is an essential belonging of people. They communicate with their fellows through messaging and videos calling. These facilities are provided by different applications on the internet. These applications can be installed on android mobile to communicate with fellows. These sources not just facilitate by messaging and calling but also share updates of activities and feeling. These can be updated in the form of status on a different application such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram. They have copied because it creates new users for application and facilitate more to share a status update with fellows.

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How are renewable energy sources beneficial to a nation?

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Today, global warming is just touching the sky because people are cutting trees and other plants for different purposes. This activity of people is overloading the environment with carbon dioxide and other hazardous emissions. Therefore, this world has become a dangerous place to live. In doing so, the environment lovers are trying different ways to protect this world and make it an innocuous place to live. Renewable energy plays an imperative role in fighting against global carbon emissions. The benefits of renewable energy sources go beyond mere reducing carbon emissions. This article will highlight various advantages of renewable energy for a nation which is deprived of electricity or other necessary resources.

Impact on Public Health

The drastic climatic change is severely affecting the health of people. Electricity generated from fossil fuels negatively impact the public health and environmental quality. The water and air pollution emitted by natural gas plants produce certain breathing problems, heart attacks, cancer, and even neurological damages. However, replacing these fossil fuels with the renewable energy improves the public health by reducing premature mortality and other health issues. The reason behind such benefit is that the solar, hydroelectric and wind systems generate electricity with zero air or water pollution while the fossil fuels significantly affect the water resources which is then hazardous for health.

Defense against global warming emissions

Every year climate is getting hotter throughout the globe because of the global warming emissions. These emissions are trapping the heat which in turn, drives up the temperature steadily and create a harmful impact on the climate, environment and physical health. There are several things which contribute to increasing global warming. One of such things is the electricity production which produces approximately 25 percent of the total global warming emissions. However, the sources of renewable energy produce as little as possible global warming emissions.

A more reliable source of Energy

The renewable source of energy such as the wind or solar is less susceptible to large-scale failure. This modular and distributed system are spread out over a larger area, so damage in one area can never cut off power to an entire larger place. Such sources of energy are more resilient than natural gas, nuclear power plant, and coal. For instance, the non-renewable energy sources depend on the huge amount of water for cooling so scarcity of water can affect the electricity generation. However, the solar and wind energy do not need water so they can help you when water is scarce in the country.

Contribution to economic growth

The renewable energy industry demands intensive labor as compared with fossil fuel technologies. So when a country establishes several renewable energy sources, it will automatically increase the employment as more labor will be required for a particular unit of electricity. It is evident from a survey that this sources of energy support about thousands of jobs in a particular nation. Moreover, this energy source is also creating positive economic ripple effects as more jobs lead to high economic rate.

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Problems faced by MENA region

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MENA Region

MENA refers to the Middle East and North Africa region. It extends from morocco to Iran. It includes all Arab states. The population of this region consists of almost 382 million people. This is about 6% of total world population. It is controversial to describe MENA as the Arab world. It consists of different territories including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Palestine, Oman, Morocco, Libya and other countries. Each country faces multiple problems to grow its economy and other fields. Countries in MENA region face various such problems such as unemployment, water problems, and economy problems. These problems are considered as challenges to grow the economy and improve the living standard of people in this region. Some of the problems are as follows:


It is a problem faced by different countries in this region. The unemployment rate in different countries in the Middle East and North Africa is very high. It includes various countries such as Jordan, Iran, Libya, Yemen, Tunisia, and Egypt. The unemployment rate is high among young people of MENA region. The unemployment rate among males is 22%. On the other hand, it is 38% among young females. It varies in different countries around this average unemployment rate. In Tunisia, the unemployment rate is about 40%. This is, even more, higher in the inland governorates. The unemployment rate in is about 50% unofficially. However official estimate is almost 25%. There is a greater gender gap for unemployment. Females are more unemployed as compared to males in the Middle East and North Africa region. This gap for unemployment is greater in Iran, Yemen, and Jordan.

It is a fact that unemployment rate among educated people is higher as compared to the uneducated. This is because of the reason that educated people wait for jobs in public sector. The public sector does not offer a job for students’ right after their education completion easily. It requires a lot of time period for people to be designated on the public sector job.

Water problems in MENA

There is a greater scarcity of water in the Middle East and North Africa region. It accesses to the 1.4% renewable fresh water in the world. Other countries receive a considerable amount of water as compared to the Middle East and North Africa region. It uses almost 75% of its freshwater sources.  Due to the increasing population in this region, water availability is decreasing at the increasing rate. It is expected to decrease fresh water renewable sources in this region in the next coming years. A greater percentage of this water is used for irrigation purpose.  Water used for irrigation purposes is not utilized efficiently. Rather, it is overused.

Development problems

MENA region faces several problems during the development of countries. The Middle East and North Africa faced arena of the clash of civilization due to U.S war. It faced structure development problems during this era. It spent a long period of time for the growth of different countries except for turkey.

So, MENA region faces several problems for its development. These problems are faced as challenges during the development by rulers. Not only the issues mentioned above but there are several other things that need appropriate addressing.