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Tips for cheap travel around the world


Some people are fond of travelling. They like and take interest visiting different places. Through which they learn many new things. Travelling different places is not more a problem now because of travel guide. They guide you in your whole journey.

Here are some tips to make your travel cheaper and affordable by

Check the season:

The hardest thing to avoid when planning a long trip is high season travel. Traveling when busy time to your destination can cost you high.

Here are the high seasonality times:

High season is June, July, August and January.

Low seasons are from mid of January to March.

In northern areas, June to August is the time when children schools are off, and employees are off work, so they spend their this time in travelling. Late December to early January is the high season.

Limit number of destinations:

Ticket fares are based on how many miles travelled. It means that the more places you visit, the more you have to pay, and its will cost high if you are going across oceans. Limiting your places to visit can save your money.

Fly indirect:

If money is more important than time, consider a flight with a stop-over. The sky scanner helps you to search for indirect routes option.

Stops in hub cities:

Try only to fly in airlines hub. Usually, the country capital, Compare the prices of local transport bus, train, rental car to the cost of the airplane.

Book before 4, 5 months:

Some airlines give an offer for low price tickets. At that time you can buy, at that time you can have cheap ticket.and in that way you can also save money. Early access helps you to book the cheapest tickets.

Contact to travel guide:

When you decide to travel, firstly search for travel guide which has a low price. Then contact them, ask for full details and prices. Sometimes good travel guide can make your tour enjoyable and affordable.

Choose the different mode of traveling:

If you are traveling within the country, so can choose some other mode than airlines. Trains, buses and cars are the best way to visit the whole country. Local transport rates are lower than the other.

Weigh your luggage:

Many of us don’t weigh luggage at home when at the airport they weigh sometimes it is over, and at that time you have to pay extra charges. So avoid taking things with you that are not necessary for traveling.

Some of the cheapest destination are here as follows:

  • Cambodia
  • Vietnam
  • Bolivia
  • Hungary
  • Honduras
  • Bulgaria
  • Srilanka
  • Argentina
  • Greece
  • Ireland

These are the cheapest destination to visit, and so many travel guides are there for you to help in these areas.

Save money at your destination:

This is the era of technology, you can use smartphones for saving money. There are apps for everything including travel guide and maps. You can download these apps on mobile and search for anything and can save a lot of money.


Mentioned above are the tips for cheap travel around the world.